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About Claddagh Rings

Written by Samantha Goldman. Posted in Cleaning

Although Irish Claddagh rings are traditionally associated with love and the couple, they began to be used more often as symbols of friendship.

About Claddagh Rings About Claddagh Rings Picture
  • Features: The Claddagh ring features two hands holding up a crowned heart, an image that has occasioned many interpretations over time.
  • History: The Claddagh ring is originated 300 years ago in the Irish fishing village of Claddagh. According to the legend, Robert Joyce, a young local fisherman, was sold into slavery after his boat was captured by pirates.  While he was working for his master, a rich goldsmith, Robert could not forget his beloved one from the village of Claddagh, so he built for her a special ring, which symbolizes his love for her. When he was released from slavery, Robert returned home to Claddagh, gave his beloved one the ring and took her in marriage. Today you can find Claddagh ring in all cheap wholesale jewelry.
  • Significance: The way in which the Claddagh ring is worn expresses a person’s marital status. Someone married or engaged wears the ring on his left hand with the crown directed out the heart. The ring located on the right hand, with the crown directed out the heart, suggests that the wearer wants to start a love relationship. When worn on the right hand with the crown toward the heart, the ring transmits that the wearer is not interested in initiating a relationship of love.
  • Function: The Claddagh Ring is also one of the most popular Irish wedding jewelry.  Traditionally, it is given by the mother to his daughter in the wedding day of the latter.


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