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DIY Jewelry Cleaning

Written by Samantha Goldman. Posted in Cleaning

Jewelry cleaned regularly can maintain their brilliance if you clean them properly.  Gold, silver or precious stones can always look new if you pay them little attention. It is not about a difficult procedure or that requires long time, but an easy cleaning with products that you have in your home.

DIY Jewelry Cleaning DIY Jewelry Cleaning Picture
  • How to clean gold: Gold does not tarnish, but it can change the texture a little because gathers dust, sweat or other substances. Therefore, gold can be cleaned quite easily, without too much effort. All you have to do is mix a few drops of liquid dish washing detergent with a little hot water and let the gold jewelry in the resulting solution for 20 minutes. Then remove the jewelry, rinse it and wipe it with a soft cloth (or suede), and then let it dry on a napkin. Another solution of this kind is obtained from a cup of hot water in which to put a teaspoon of baking soda. Let the jewelry piece in the resulting mixture for 20 minutes, rinse it and let it dry. A faster way to clean gold is wiping with a soft cloth soaked in alcohol. This cleans metal and removes all residues.
  • How to clean silver: Silver jewelry is easier to clean, so it can be introduced in a solution of hot water, dish soap and baking soda for 25 minutes. Then rinse it and brush it with toothpaste. Another method is the following: mix two tablespoons of baking soda, two of salt, two of detergent and half a liter of water, in a pot whose walls are covered in aluminum foil. Set the fire, put the pot and then add the jewelry piece. Let the solution to boil for one minute, then take out the jewelry and rinse it well with cold water to remove traces of salt or detergent. Finally, wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth.
  • How to clean pearls: Pearls can be cleaned simply with a cloth moistened in water to remove traces of sweat, dust and makeup.
  • How to clean precious stones: For them there is no standard method of cleaning, because they are too sensitive. If however you want to remove traces of dust or other residue, put them under cold running water and then wipe them with a soft cloth.


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