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What Causes Earrings to Change Color?

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Earrings of gold and silver blacken equally; our own body chemistry and how we keep them cause a slow oxidation or a faster one. Jewelry should be protected, no matter if they are made up of gold, silver, copper, fashion or precious stones. Let’s find out what causes earrings to change color.

Causes Earrings to Change Color Causes Earrings to Change Color Picture
  • Earrings react to various stimuli, personal stimuli and environmental ones – moisture, deodorants, creams, detergents, salt water, excessive heat, and so on. Earrings made up of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum change color in contact with various substances used in the household, such as detergents, chlorine or bleach.
  • Chemical compounds, chlorine and mechanical actions can damage earrings when you wear them in the shower or when you do various household chores. Also, you can see
  •  a strong blackening of earrings made up of silver or gold, and a loss of brightness of the precious stones if you wear them in the pool or sea, because the chlorine in the water and salts destroy the metal as well as the natural or artificial stones.
  • The exposure of silver earrings to tobacco smoke, dust, neon light or strong light bulbs is another cause of earring changing color. Earrings will soon get a blackish yellow shade.
  • Makeup and styling products are another cause of earrings becoming black. The chemical compounds these products contain such as zinc oxide for example, can damage earrings, make them lose color or affect their resistance.

Finally, a simple rule to prevent earrings to change color is to wear them after we finished with the makeup, the use of perfume and hairspray. To avoid cooking with them, if we use strong heat sources, to avoid taking a shower or swimming in the sea wearing them, because all these cause earring to change color.

How to Hang Earrings

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Earrings and other accessories reflect a lady’s personality and make them feel special. Over time accessories add up and often you put them all together in a jewelry box. Because earrings are very difficult to keep organized, people try to find simple ways to display them. Therefore, the options to hang earrings are several. You can go to a store and a buy an earring rack or you can make yourself one. Here you will find how to hang your favorite earrings by creating your own earring rack in simple and cheap ways.

How to Hang Earrings How to Hang Earrings Picture
  • Hang earring on a rack made of the lid of a cardboard box and a mesh. Take the lid of a box and draw lines to cut the cardboard right. The result should look like a frame. Stick a piece of mesh on the back of the frame and you have your earring rack. You can color the frame in the desired colors and stick decorative items like ribbons or glitter.
  • Make an earring rack using a photo frame, tulle and canvas. Take a picture frame and paint it or decorate it in the way you like it. Measure the frame and cut by the size of the frame a piece of tulle and canvas. Use as a pattern the back side of the frame to make it easier. Glue the materials into the frame, taking care that the tulle to be in front and the canvas in the back, because you want to hang earrings easily, and the tulle is not very helpful because of its texture. And the earring rack is ready for use. You have nothing left to do but to enjoy what you have achieved.
  • Hang earrings in a jewelry locker. This time you will have more work, but the result will be a real masterpiece. You need a locker in vintage style that you can adjust to your needs. You can use a box from any other items, such as a box for storing wines or you can buy it from a design store. Recondition it or paint it in a color that goes with your room interior. Glue on the bottom surface a decorative paper. Add a few nails, which you can place in any order you want – they will serve as an earring rack. At this point the locker is ready to be used.


How to Decorate Ears with Stud Earrings

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Stud earrings are found in many different designs and styles and they are made up of various materials – gold, silver, plastic. There are some rules that you need to keep in mind when you want to decorate your ears with stud earrings. The tips below may help you match correctly stud earrings with your outfit and with your hair color.

How to Decorate Ears with Stud Earrings How to Decorate Ears with Stud Earrings Picture
  • Figure out what style of earring you like. There are traditional stud earrings with small balls or stones made of various materials and with no decorations and fashion stud earrings which come with different ornaments attached to the balls, like flowers for example. This fashion stud earrings are available also in different sizes.
  • If you want to wear stud earrings for a special occasion in the evening, then small or large diamond or cubic zircon studs will fit amazingly in your ears. Choose the ones you prefer the most. The elegance that these earrings will bring to your outfit will not be overlooked. In addition, you can go for accentuating them by wearing the hair up.
  • Try to match your lovely stud earrings to what you’re wearing. Decorate your ears with gold or silver studs at work or when you’re wearing jeans. They will give you a classy, casual look. Also, studs of gold or silver match perfectly with a formal dress.
  • Do not forget to match the color of your stud earring with your hair color and the color of your eyes. Try to choose colors that contrast with your eyes. Women with darker hair can decorate their ears with gold or silver studs, while to blonds yellow gold suits them better.


Tricks to Wearing Heavy Earrings

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Heavy and large earrings draw everyone’s attention and are ladies’ favorites. But these accessories are as beautiful as harmful. Worn often, they cause deep wounds to the ear lobe, and many of these wounds do not heal completely. Because of their weight and length, earrings can stretch the ear hole, and in extreme cases the later can even be broken ​​by such an accessory. Here are some tricks to wearing heavy earrings:

Tricks to Wearing Heavy Earrings Tricks to Wearing Heavy Earrings Picture
  • Time: A trick is to alternate days, thus your ear holes will have time to heal; try to wear heavy earrings one day, while the other day wear light earrings or nothing. Try to wear your heavy earrings only for special occasions that last a few hours, in this way you will not harm your ear. During the day you can opt for smaller earrings.
  • Products: Use products for reducing the tension of your ear lobe caused by heavy earrings. You can use an earring adhesive which you stick on the back of your ear piercing when you put on heavy earrings. This sticker supports any earring that you wear, by removing the tension off of the ear lobe and on to the sticker. Also, there are products that can turn heavy earrings into clips-ons. With these products wearing heavy earrings will not be a problem.
  • Surgery: Some women are interested in treatments to strengthen the ear, to avoid unwanted accidents. According to plastic surgeons, it’s becoming more and more popular for patients to get their lobes surgically repaired. Surgeons use the ear cartilage in their interventions to strengthen the ear lobe.
  • Selecting earrings: When all these tricks fail, opt wearing lighter earrings, like feather earrings for example, or earrings made of plastic.


What Are Threader Earrings?

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Threader earrings go by different names such as ear threaders or threads. These earrings are unique forms of jewelry that go through the hole in the ear. These types of earrings are young people’s favorites. They contain a tiny metal bar with a thin chain on them, but the design can range.

Threader Earrings Threader Earrings Picture
  • Features: Threader earrings include a small metal bar on one side and a thin chain that serves as a tie to the metal bar.  On the opposite end of this thread, there is attached a charm which can be beads, crystals, precious or semi-precious gemstones. The thin chain is easily inserted into the ear piercing with the help of the metal bar, while the beads or crystals dangle on the opposite end.
  • Materials: Most threader earrings are usually 3 to 5 inches in length and can be made up of sterling silver or gold vermeil. The end of the thread has attached a gemstone in most threader earrings, but there are also plain threader earrings. You can wear them by taking the metal bar and inserting it through the ear piercing and then pull the chain through the hole.
  • Advantages: The individual feels comfortable with these types of unique earrings, because they are light and do not stretch the hole. Threader earrings can be worn during day or when going to occasions, they are both casual and elegant. Although, these types of earrings do not have a back closure, you don’t need to worry about losing them.
  • Disadvantages: A disadvantage is that threader earrings can get caught on clothes because of their long length. People with long hair may also have a problem with these earrings, because they can get intertwined with the hair. Although most threader earrings feature light gems at the end, there are some which can feature heavy gems and in this case, the earrings can fall out.


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