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How to Decorate Ears with Stud Earrings

Written by Samantha Goldman. Posted in Earrings

Stud earrings are found in many different designs and styles and they are made up of various materials – gold, silver, plastic. There are some rules that you need to keep in mind when you want to decorate your ears with stud earrings. The tips below may help you match correctly stud earrings with your outfit and with your hair color.

How to Decorate Ears with Stud Earrings How to Decorate Ears with Stud Earrings Picture
  • Figure out what style of earring you like. There are traditional stud earrings with small balls or stones made of various materials and with no decorations and fashion stud earrings which come with different ornaments attached to the balls, like flowers for example. This fashion stud earrings are available also in different sizes.
  • If you want to wear stud earrings for a special occasion in the evening, then small or large diamond or cubic zircon studs will fit amazingly in your ears. Choose the ones you prefer the most. The elegance that these earrings will bring to your outfit will not be overlooked. In addition, you can go for accentuating them by wearing the hair up.
  • Try to match your lovely stud earrings to what you’re wearing. Decorate your ears with gold or silver studs at work or when you’re wearing jeans. They will give you a classy, casual look. Also, studs of gold or silver match perfectly with a formal dress.
  • Do not forget to match the color of your stud earring with your hair color and the color of your eyes. Try to choose colors that contrast with your eyes. Women with darker hair can decorate their ears with gold or silver studs, while to blonds yellow gold suits them better.


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