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How to Hang Earrings

Written by Samantha Goldman. Posted in Earrings

Earrings and other accessories reflect a lady’s personality and make them feel special. Over time accessories add up and often you put them all together in a jewelry box. Because earrings are very difficult to keep organized, people try to find simple ways to display them. Therefore, the options to hang earrings are several. You can go to a store and a buy an earring rack or you can make yourself one. Here you will find how to hang your favorite earrings by creating your own earring rack in simple and cheap ways.

How to Hang Earrings How to Hang Earrings Picture
  • Hang earring on a rack made of the lid of a cardboard box and a mesh. Take the lid of a box and draw lines to cut the cardboard right. The result should look like a frame. Stick a piece of mesh on the back of the frame and you have your earring rack. You can color the frame in the desired colors and stick decorative items like ribbons or glitter.
  • Make an earring rack using a photo frame, tulle and canvas. Take a picture frame and paint it or decorate it in the way you like it. Measure the frame and cut by the size of the frame a piece of tulle and canvas. Use as a pattern the back side of the frame to make it easier. Glue the materials into the frame, taking care that the tulle to be in front and the canvas in the back, because you want to hang earrings easily, and the tulle is not very helpful because of its texture. And the earring rack is ready for use. You have nothing left to do but to enjoy what you have achieved.
  • Hang earrings in a jewelry locker. This time you will have more work, but the result will be a real masterpiece. You need a locker in vintage style that you can adjust to your needs. You can use a box from any other items, such as a box for storing wines or you can buy it from a design store. Recondition it or paint it in a color that goes with your room interior. Glue on the bottom surface a decorative paper. Add a few nails, which you can place in any order you want – they will serve as an earring rack. At this point the locker is ready to be used.


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