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How to Thread a Pearl Bracelet

Written by Samantha Goldman. Posted in Cleaning

Pearls were used as jewelry and coveted by people around the world for thousands of years. Threading a pearl bracelet can be challenging and requires time and a special knotting technique that keeps pearls from rubbing against each other and dulling the luster. Knowing this technique we can string our own designs or repair broken pearl jewelry. Read on and find out how to thread a pearl bracelet.

How to Thread a Pearl Bracelet How to Thread a Pearl Bracelet Picture
  • You will need about 28 pearls, a size E silk thread, a thin needle, two clam shell tips, one jump ring, and a clasp. The clam shell tips will hide the end knots and will make possible to add the clasp which will be attached to a jump ring. Also, you will need scissors, jewelry cement and a towel.
  • First, thread the silk through the needle until the needle goes to the middle of the string, and then tie the free ends. Use a double thread, put the threaded needle through one clam shell tip and pull the thread until the end knot is on the cupped side of the clam shell. Use glue, cut the remaining silk with the scissors and close the clam shell.
  • Make a knot against the clam shell tip to prevent the contact of the first pearl with the metal; otherwise the pearl will get scratched. Prepare your pearls and lay them on a towel.
  • Thread the pearls and make a knot with the doubled silk between each pearl by pulling apart the two strands until the knot is close to the pearl. Continue threading pearls until the bracelet in complete.
  • Insert the needle from the side opposite to the cupped side of the second clam shell tip and thread the clam shell tip. The end knot will be hidden inside the clam shell. Now do the same as before, use glue and trim the silk.
  • Finally, attach the clam shell tips to the lobster clasp and the jump ring and curve them around the clasp. Apply glue to prevent the tip from opening and your pearl bracelet is complete.


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