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How to Wear an Indian Nose Ring

Written by Samantha Goldman. Posted in Nose rings

The Indian nose ring is one of the most beautiful ornaments to the Indian women. Indian nose rings add extra beauty to the face. This type of nose ring is available in various metals like gold, silver, white gold. If you want to adorn your nose with this type of nose ring, you should know how to wear an Indian nose ring.

  • If you decided to have a nose piercing for an Indian nose ring, like any other piercing it will take time to heal. Take into consideration how your face will look once the nose piercing is done and the ring is on. If you want to wear the Indian nose ring at work, go for a small one, while when you go out you can wear an elaborate one, depending on the occasion. This type of nose ring beautifies the outfit.
  • Whether you have a nose ring in the nostril or in the septum, clean your hands when you remove or insert the ring, otherwise it will get infected. Make sure the Indian nose ring will not fall out once inserted.
  • Indian ladies wear a barbell at weddings or for other special occasions. Barbell is a nose ring that holds other gems and add glow to the face while the chain is attached to the hair. If you want to adorn your face with a barbell, add one to the nose ring before piercing it into the nose, with a long chain with gems dropping across the face and attach the free end of the chain to the hair.
  • Clean the nose ring regularly and the nose hole and do not take it out for long periods of time because the hole will heal quickly.
  • If you don’t want to pierce your nose, but you will like to wear an Indian nose ring you can choose clip-ons, although it will be more painful to wear them. You can choose from many styles of Indian clip-ons and they are attractive too.


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