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Nose Ring Problems

Written by Samantha Goldman. Posted in Nose rings

Body piercing is very popular among both women and men, most of the time the perforated place healing without problems. The nose is a favorite area for girls or women who opt for body piercing. This part of the body has a normal healing time and presents its own unique risks. Piercing the nose, however, is a major decision, and should not be made ​​overnight. You should consider the nose ring problems.

Nose Ring Problems Nose Ring Problems Picture
  • Increasingly more women, especially those in adolescence, choose piercing as a form of expression and social communication. Before resorting to pierce a sensitive area such as the nose, you should think about all aspects, both in terms of health risks and social issues, how the area you want to beautify will look, what salon you will choose to do this and, not finally, what are the costs.
  • Getting a nose ring means piercing the left or right nostril. The history of this piercing is already 4000 years old. The first example of this type was found in the Middle East, and from there it came to India. Years later it was worn by the hippie movement and in 1980 was the peak year. You must ensure that the jewels used are suitable for the first piercing. Because the nose area has many nerves, the piercing sting is perceived as very painful. The healing process takes about two to four months. Meanwhile, you should wash the area with warm salty water frequently, remove the skin that forms around the jewelry by swabbing the area with a cotton disc soaked in salt water, avoid applying cosmetic products on that area and do not use alcohol-based products for cleaning. Do not remove the jewelry during healing, because you can close the hole, you can remove the jewel after healing.
  • The main problem caused by the nose ring is the infection in that area, and scars. You can speed up the process of healing the wound using herbal remedies and other forms of treatment at home. In addition, the procedure can be painful and in the first days on that place will appear suppurations, sometimes followed by blood. However, if at the time of the piercing, tools and sterile methods are not used, there is a risk of contacting severe diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, syphilis and HIV.


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