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Guide to Ring Sizes for Fingers

Posted in Cleaning

If you do not know the exact size of your ring, follow the guide to ring sizes below. Remember that a bigger ring size can eventually be modified, while a smaller one cannot be modified and the ring must be rebuilt completely.

Guide to Ring Sizes for Fingers Guide to Ring Sizes for Fingers Picture
  • Measures should be taken on the finger that the ring will be worn. The same finger of the other hand has different size.
  • It is not recommended to take the measure when the fingers are swollen as a result of temporary physiological state; after exercise, after exposure to the sun. It is advisable to take the measure at the end of the day, when, usually fingers have the greatest thickness, considering the intensity of the physical effort during the day.
  • The measure is taken on the last phalanx of the finger, to be more precisely, on the last segment.
  • Take a ring that fits you well and measure the diagonal inside the ring. Find the closest size in centimeters with the size you just took:  1.2cm in diameter is size 41, 1.3cm in diameter is size 42, 1.35cm in diameter is size 43, 1.4cm in diameter is size 44, 1.45cm in diameter is size 45, 1.5cm in diameter is size 46, 1.55cm in diameter is size 47, 1.58cm in diameter is size 48, 1.6cm in diameter is size 49, 1.65cm in diameter is size 50, 1.68cm in diameter is size 51, 1.7cm in diameter is 52, 1.75cm in diameter is size 53, 1.78cm in diameter is size 54, 1.8cm in diameter is size 55, 1.85cm in diameter is size 56, 1.88cm in diameter is size 57, 1.9cm in diameter is size 58, 1.95cm in diameter is size 59, 1.98cm in diameter is size 60 and so on.
  • An exact measurement of the size ring is made in jewelry shops with measuring tools.

You can find more ideas about finding the right engagement ring or wedding bands on EasyWeddingIdeas.Com; it’s good to use as many sources of inspiration as possible, because the model is just as important as the size. So take your time browsing for models after you’ve determined your correct ring size.

How to Cover a Nose Ring Scar

Posted in Nose rings

Because the nose piercing is through cartilage and not soft tissue, it can be more likely to leave a scar, if you decide to take the nose ring out. This scar can heal right away, or it will be less noticeable, but if you want to cover it you can do that by applying make-up. Here are some instructions how to cover your nose ring scar.

How to Cover a Nose Ring Scar How to Cover a Nose Ring Scar Picture
  • Step1: Treat the nose ring scar like an acne scar by applying regularly a moisturizer. You can use your regular moisturizer or one with olive oil. Apply the moisturizer with a cotton ball.
  • Step2: Clean the scar area by washing it with soap and wipe it with a towel.
  • Step3: Apply foundation on the scar until it blends in with the skin color. You can use your fingers to make-up that area.
  • Step 4: Use a concealer that matches the foundation and apply it over the foundation and over the scar area. The concealer and the foundation will blend together covering the nose ring scar.
  • Step5:  Use powder by applying it over the foundation and concealer to complete covering the nose ring scar.


How to Hang Earrings

Posted in Earrings

Earrings and other accessories reflect a lady’s personality and make them feel special. Over time accessories add up and often you put them all together in a jewelry box. Because earrings are very difficult to keep organized, people try to find simple ways to display them. Therefore, the options to hang earrings are several. You can go to a store and a buy an earring rack or you can make yourself one. Here you will find how to hang your favorite earrings by creating your own earring rack in simple and cheap ways.

How to Hang Earrings How to Hang Earrings Picture
  • Hang earring on a rack made of the lid of a cardboard box and a mesh. Take the lid of a box and draw lines to cut the cardboard right. The result should look like a frame. Stick a piece of mesh on the back of the frame and you have your earring rack. You can color the frame in the desired colors and stick decorative items like ribbons or glitter.
  • Make an earring rack using a photo frame, tulle and canvas. Take a picture frame and paint it or decorate it in the way you like it. Measure the frame and cut by the size of the frame a piece of tulle and canvas. Use as a pattern the back side of the frame to make it easier. Glue the materials into the frame, taking care that the tulle to be in front and the canvas in the back, because you want to hang earrings easily, and the tulle is not very helpful because of its texture. And the earring rack is ready for use. You have nothing left to do but to enjoy what you have achieved.
  • Hang earrings in a jewelry locker. This time you will have more work, but the result will be a real masterpiece. You need a locker in vintage style that you can adjust to your needs. You can use a box from any other items, such as a box for storing wines or you can buy it from a design store. Recondition it or paint it in a color that goes with your room interior. Glue on the bottom surface a decorative paper. Add a few nails, which you can place in any order you want – they will serve as an earring rack. At this point the locker is ready to be used.


How to Decorate Ears with Stud Earrings

Posted in Earrings

Stud earrings are found in many different designs and styles and they are made up of various materials – gold, silver, plastic. There are some rules that you need to keep in mind when you want to decorate your ears with stud earrings. The tips below may help you match correctly stud earrings with your outfit and with your hair color.

How to Decorate Ears with Stud Earrings How to Decorate Ears with Stud Earrings Picture
  • Figure out what style of earring you like. There are traditional stud earrings with small balls or stones made of various materials and with no decorations and fashion stud earrings which come with different ornaments attached to the balls, like flowers for example. This fashion stud earrings are available also in different sizes.
  • If you want to wear stud earrings for a special occasion in the evening, then small or large diamond or cubic zircon studs will fit amazingly in your ears. Choose the ones you prefer the most. The elegance that these earrings will bring to your outfit will not be overlooked. In addition, you can go for accentuating them by wearing the hair up.
  • Try to match your lovely stud earrings to what you’re wearing. Decorate your ears with gold or silver studs at work or when you’re wearing jeans. They will give you a classy, casual look. Also, studs of gold or silver match perfectly with a formal dress.
  • Do not forget to match the color of your stud earring with your hair color and the color of your eyes. Try to choose colors that contrast with your eyes. Women with darker hair can decorate their ears with gold or silver studs, while to blonds yellow gold suits them better.


How to Heal an Infected Ear Piercing

Posted in Piercing

After you pierced your ear it is very important to be cleaned two times per day in the first nine days and once daily until the end of the healing period. But if your ear got infected, read on to learn how to heal an infected ear piercing.

How to Heal an Infected Ear Piercing How to Heal an Infected Ear Piercing Picture
  • Do not remove the earring because the hole can close. Treat the surrounding place by applying hydrogen peroxide two times a day and move the earring back and forth for a more efficient cleaning.
  • Try to wear earrings made up of gold or of a hypoallergenic material to avoid infections. Earrings of cheap metal are more likely to cause infection on that area.
  • Move the earring two times a day while the hole is healing. This will be painful, but it is a good way to prevent the earring to heal to that post. Wash the piercing with salt water for a week to help the ear heal faster.
  • Do not use earrings that squeeze your ear if your piercing is infected, because they will hurt the earlobe. Clean the earrings each time before you insert them in your ear.
  • Use a triple antibiotic cream on the earring posts before piercing your ears, because it will calm the redness caused by the infection. But no not forget to wash your hands first. Also, apply hydrogen peroxide to the infected area after you inserted the earrings.

To help heal faster the infected ear piercing the entire body must be maintained in a perfect state of health. A healthy diet, regular sleep, moderate alcohol consumption will ensure a rapid healing of the infected area.

Tricks to Wearing Heavy Earrings

Posted in Earrings

Heavy and large earrings draw everyone’s attention and are ladies’ favorites. But these accessories are as beautiful as harmful. Worn often, they cause deep wounds to the ear lobe, and many of these wounds do not heal completely. Because of their weight and length, earrings can stretch the ear hole, and in extreme cases the later can even be broken ​​by such an accessory. Here are some tricks to wearing heavy earrings:

Tricks to Wearing Heavy Earrings Tricks to Wearing Heavy Earrings Picture
  • Time: A trick is to alternate days, thus your ear holes will have time to heal; try to wear heavy earrings one day, while the other day wear light earrings or nothing. Try to wear your heavy earrings only for special occasions that last a few hours, in this way you will not harm your ear. During the day you can opt for smaller earrings.
  • Products: Use products for reducing the tension of your ear lobe caused by heavy earrings. You can use an earring adhesive which you stick on the back of your ear piercing when you put on heavy earrings. This sticker supports any earring that you wear, by removing the tension off of the ear lobe and on to the sticker. Also, there are products that can turn heavy earrings into clips-ons. With these products wearing heavy earrings will not be a problem.
  • Surgery: Some women are interested in treatments to strengthen the ear, to avoid unwanted accidents. According to plastic surgeons, it’s becoming more and more popular for patients to get their lobes surgically repaired. Surgeons use the ear cartilage in their interventions to strengthen the ear lobe.
  • Selecting earrings: When all these tricks fail, opt wearing lighter earrings, like feather earrings for example, or earrings made of plastic.


How to Wear an Indian Nose Ring

Posted in Nose rings

The Indian nose ring is one of the most beautiful ornaments to the Indian women. Indian nose rings add extra beauty to the face. This type of nose ring is available in various metals like gold, silver, white gold. If you want to adorn your nose with this type of nose ring, you should know how to wear an Indian nose ring.

  • If you decided to have a nose piercing for an Indian nose ring, like any other piercing it will take time to heal. Take into consideration how your face will look once the nose piercing is done and the ring is on. If you want to wear the Indian nose ring at work, go for a small one, while when you go out you can wear an elaborate one, depending on the occasion. This type of nose ring beautifies the outfit.
  • Whether you have a nose ring in the nostril or in the septum, clean your hands when you remove or insert the ring, otherwise it will get infected. Make sure the Indian nose ring will not fall out once inserted.
  • Indian ladies wear a barbell at weddings or for other special occasions. Barbell is a nose ring that holds other gems and add glow to the face while the chain is attached to the hair. If you want to adorn your face with a barbell, add one to the nose ring before piercing it into the nose, with a long chain with gems dropping across the face and attach the free end of the chain to the hair.
  • Clean the nose ring regularly and the nose hole and do not take it out for long periods of time because the hole will heal quickly.
  • If you don’t want to pierce your nose, but you will like to wear an Indian nose ring you can choose clip-ons, although it will be more painful to wear them. You can choose from many styles of Indian clip-ons and they are attractive too.


Tips on Safe Nose Rings

Posted in Nose rings

Nose piercing is a very old tradition which has its roots in the Middle East. Increasingly more people choose nose piercing, but they do not know all aspects of this procedure. A nose piercing as any piercing should be cared for in order not to get infected. With a proper care and safety, you will have a happy nose piercing experience. Read on about the tips on safe nose rings.

Tips on Safe Nose Rings Tips on Safe Nose Rings Picture
  • The right piercer: There are three types of nose piercings namely nostril piercing, nasal septum piercing and bridge piercing. Therefore, if you decide to pierce your nose you should choose a qualified piercer. The piercer should take all safety and hygienic measures. It is important to sterilize the equipments and jewelry before beginning the process.
  • Safe nose rings: Proper care must be taken in selecting the jewelry for a pierced nose as the jewelry type depends on the type of piercing undertaken and as mentioned earlier there are three types of nose piercings. In the beginning, the jewelry should be of gold, surgical steel, niobium or titanium, to avoid infection. Only after the piercing has healed, the nose ring can be replaced with sterling silver jewelry.
  • Piercing care: Healing can take up to 12 months. Therefore, proper care must be taken during this time period. Avoid touching the pierced area with dirty hands and do not try to remove the nose ring before the piercing is healed as it may lead to different infections. Use frequently an antibacterial soap to clean the pierced area and avoid cleaning the area with alcohol. A safe cleaning can be done also with sterile saline solution.


Nose Ring Problems

Posted in Nose rings

Body piercing is very popular among both women and men, most of the time the perforated place healing without problems. The nose is a favorite area for girls or women who opt for body piercing. This part of the body has a normal healing time and presents its own unique risks. Piercing the nose, however, is a major decision, and should not be made ​​overnight. You should consider the nose ring problems.

Nose Ring Problems Nose Ring Problems Picture
  • Increasingly more women, especially those in adolescence, choose piercing as a form of expression and social communication. Before resorting to pierce a sensitive area such as the nose, you should think about all aspects, both in terms of health risks and social issues, how the area you want to beautify will look, what salon you will choose to do this and, not finally, what are the costs.
  • Getting a nose ring means piercing the left or right nostril. The history of this piercing is already 4000 years old. The first example of this type was found in the Middle East, and from there it came to India. Years later it was worn by the hippie movement and in 1980 was the peak year. You must ensure that the jewels used are suitable for the first piercing. Because the nose area has many nerves, the piercing sting is perceived as very painful. The healing process takes about two to four months. Meanwhile, you should wash the area with warm salty water frequently, remove the skin that forms around the jewelry by swabbing the area with a cotton disc soaked in salt water, avoid applying cosmetic products on that area and do not use alcohol-based products for cleaning. Do not remove the jewelry during healing, because you can close the hole, you can remove the jewel after healing.
  • The main problem caused by the nose ring is the infection in that area, and scars. You can speed up the process of healing the wound using herbal remedies and other forms of treatment at home. In addition, the procedure can be painful and in the first days on that place will appear suppurations, sometimes followed by blood. However, if at the time of the piercing, tools and sterile methods are not used, there is a risk of contacting severe diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, syphilis and HIV.


What Are Threader Earrings?

Posted in Earrings

Threader earrings go by different names such as ear threaders or threads. These earrings are unique forms of jewelry that go through the hole in the ear. These types of earrings are young people’s favorites. They contain a tiny metal bar with a thin chain on them, but the design can range.

Threader Earrings Threader Earrings Picture
  • Features: Threader earrings include a small metal bar on one side and a thin chain that serves as a tie to the metal bar.  On the opposite end of this thread, there is attached a charm which can be beads, crystals, precious or semi-precious gemstones. The thin chain is easily inserted into the ear piercing with the help of the metal bar, while the beads or crystals dangle on the opposite end.
  • Materials: Most threader earrings are usually 3 to 5 inches in length and can be made up of sterling silver or gold vermeil. The end of the thread has attached a gemstone in most threader earrings, but there are also plain threader earrings. You can wear them by taking the metal bar and inserting it through the ear piercing and then pull the chain through the hole.
  • Advantages: The individual feels comfortable with these types of unique earrings, because they are light and do not stretch the hole. Threader earrings can be worn during day or when going to occasions, they are both casual and elegant. Although, these types of earrings do not have a back closure, you don’t need to worry about losing them.
  • Disadvantages: A disadvantage is that threader earrings can get caught on clothes because of their long length. People with long hair may also have a problem with these earrings, because they can get intertwined with the hair. Although most threader earrings feature light gems at the end, there are some which can feature heavy gems and in this case, the earrings can fall out.


How to Thread a Pearl Bracelet

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Pearls were used as jewelry and coveted by people around the world for thousands of years. Threading a pearl bracelet can be challenging and requires time and a special knotting technique that keeps pearls from rubbing against each other and dulling the luster. Knowing this technique we can string our own designs or repair broken pearl jewelry. Read on and find out how to thread a pearl bracelet.

How to Thread a Pearl Bracelet How to Thread a Pearl Bracelet Picture
  • You will need about 28 pearls, a size E silk thread, a thin needle, two clam shell tips, one jump ring, and a clasp. The clam shell tips will hide the end knots and will make possible to add the clasp which will be attached to a jump ring. Also, you will need scissors, jewelry cement and a towel.
  • First, thread the silk through the needle until the needle goes to the middle of the string, and then tie the free ends. Use a double thread, put the threaded needle through one clam shell tip and pull the thread until the end knot is on the cupped side of the clam shell. Use glue, cut the remaining silk with the scissors and close the clam shell.
  • Make a knot against the clam shell tip to prevent the contact of the first pearl with the metal; otherwise the pearl will get scratched. Prepare your pearls and lay them on a towel.
  • Thread the pearls and make a knot with the doubled silk between each pearl by pulling apart the two strands until the knot is close to the pearl. Continue threading pearls until the bracelet in complete.
  • Insert the needle from the side opposite to the cupped side of the second clam shell tip and thread the clam shell tip. The end knot will be hidden inside the clam shell. Now do the same as before, use glue and trim the silk.
  • Finally, attach the clam shell tips to the lobster clasp and the jump ring and curve them around the clasp. Apply glue to prevent the tip from opening and your pearl bracelet is complete.


How to Clean Sterling Jewelry

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Traditionally, silver jewelry is made from sterling silver (standard silver), an alloy of silver with copper. Sterling silver is harder than pure silver and melts at a lower temperature than pure silver or copper. Sterling silver jewelry is often plated with a thin foil of silver to have a shiny finish. With time, sterling jewelry loses its brightness and blackens. This is due to oxidation. If you live in an area with wet weather, your jewelry will oxidize faster. Here is a method suggested by some jewelry stores to clean sterling jewelry at home.


Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Place an aluminum foil in a bowl and fill the bowl with hot water;
  • Step 2: Add ¼ cup of soda water, 1 tbsp. of dishwashing detergent and 1 tbsp. of salt and mix everything;
  • Step 3: After everything is mixed together,  place your sterling jewelry in the bowl in the resulting solution for a few minutes;
  • Step 4: Rinse out the jewelry and wipe it with a cotton cloth or leave it to dry on a towel.

Attention! Remove sterling jewelry or any other jewelry when you enter the shower, when washing clothes or whenever there is the possibility that the jewelry makes contact with chlorinated water, otherwise you will see that it starts to blacken.

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