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Tricks to Wearing Heavy Earrings

Written by Samantha Goldman. Posted in Earrings

Heavy and large earrings draw everyone’s attention and are ladies’ favorites. But these accessories are as beautiful as harmful. Worn often, they cause deep wounds to the ear lobe, and many of these wounds do not heal completely. Because of their weight and length, earrings can stretch the ear hole, and in extreme cases the later can even be broken ​​by such an accessory. Here are some tricks to wearing heavy earrings:

Tricks to Wearing Heavy Earrings Tricks to Wearing Heavy Earrings Picture
  • Time: A trick is to alternate days, thus your ear holes will have time to heal; try to wear heavy earrings one day, while the other day wear light earrings or nothing. Try to wear your heavy earrings only for special occasions that last a few hours, in this way you will not harm your ear. During the day you can opt for smaller earrings.
  • Products: Use products for reducing the tension of your ear lobe caused by heavy earrings. You can use an earring adhesive which you stick on the back of your ear piercing when you put on heavy earrings. This sticker supports any earring that you wear, by removing the tension off of the ear lobe and on to the sticker. Also, there are products that can turn heavy earrings into clips-ons. With these products wearing heavy earrings will not be a problem.
  • Surgery: Some women are interested in treatments to strengthen the ear, to avoid unwanted accidents. According to plastic surgeons, it’s becoming more and more popular for patients to get their lobes surgically repaired. Surgeons use the ear cartilage in their interventions to strengthen the ear lobe.
  • Selecting earrings: When all these tricks fail, opt wearing lighter earrings, like feather earrings for example, or earrings made of plastic.


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