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What Are Signet Rings?

Written by Samantha Goldman. Posted in Cleaning

Also known as signature rings, signet rigs are worn by both men and women and they are usually engraved with symbols, the wearer’s initials or other ornamental designs of the wearer’s choice. Antique signet rings were used as official seals or engraved with a person’s coat of arms.

Signet Rings Signet Rings Picture
  • History: In ancient Rome, the signet ring was representing the individual who wore it, denoting his or her identity or the social or noble status. Gaining popularity during the Augustan period, this ring was the wearer’s signature.  As an example, Pompey’s ring was engraved with a lion bearing a sword and Augustus’s ring had the head of Alexander the Great and then his own image.
  • Modern days: With the time many and new decorative motifs were introduced with rings, while the most common types of signet rings worn at preset day are made from white or yellow gold and engraved with personal initials, becoming ornamental rings. Because today these signet rings are not used as official signatures or seals as they were in antiquity, the engravings aren’t anymore done in mirror style.  You can find it in cheap wholesale jewelry.
  • How to get one: Today signet rings are back in fashion. Many companies are passionate about making personalized signet rings according to your specifications. You can order a signet ring online or through catalogs, but you have to wait about two weeks until the design is done.


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