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What Are Threader Earrings?

Written by Samantha Goldman. Posted in Earrings

Threader earrings go by different names such as ear threaders or threads. These earrings are unique forms of jewelry that go through the hole in the ear. These types of earrings are young people’s favorites. They contain a tiny metal bar with a thin chain on them, but the design can range.

Threader Earrings Threader Earrings Picture
  • Features: Threader earrings include a small metal bar on one side and a thin chain that serves as a tie to the metal bar.  On the opposite end of this thread, there is attached a charm which can be beads, crystals, precious or semi-precious gemstones. The thin chain is easily inserted into the ear piercing with the help of the metal bar, while the beads or crystals dangle on the opposite end.
  • Materials: Most threader earrings are usually 3 to 5 inches in length and can be made up of sterling silver or gold vermeil. The end of the thread has attached a gemstone in most threader earrings, but there are also plain threader earrings. You can wear them by taking the metal bar and inserting it through the ear piercing and then pull the chain through the hole.
  • Advantages: The individual feels comfortable with these types of unique earrings, because they are light and do not stretch the hole. Threader earrings can be worn during day or when going to occasions, they are both casual and elegant. Although, these types of earrings do not have a back closure, you don’t need to worry about losing them.
  • Disadvantages: A disadvantage is that threader earrings can get caught on clothes because of their long length. People with long hair may also have a problem with these earrings, because they can get intertwined with the hair. Although most threader earrings feature light gems at the end, there are some which can feature heavy gems and in this case, the earrings can fall out.


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