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What Causes Earrings to Change Color?

Written by Samantha Goldman. Posted in Earrings

Earrings of gold and silver blacken equally; our own body chemistry and how we keep them cause a slow oxidation or a faster one. Jewelry should be protected, no matter if they are made up of gold, silver, copper, fashion or precious stones. Let’s find out what causes earrings to change color.

Causes Earrings to Change Color Causes Earrings to Change Color Picture
  • Earrings react to various stimuli, personal stimuli and environmental ones – moisture, deodorants, creams, detergents, salt water, excessive heat, and so on. Earrings made up of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum change color in contact with various substances used in the household, such as detergents, chlorine or bleach.
  • Chemical compounds, chlorine and mechanical actions can damage earrings when you wear them in the shower or when you do various household chores. Also, you can see
  •  a strong blackening of earrings made up of silver or gold, and a loss of brightness of the precious stones if you wear them in the pool or sea, because the chlorine in the water and salts destroy the metal as well as the natural or artificial stones.
  • The exposure of silver earrings to tobacco smoke, dust, neon light or strong light bulbs is another cause of earring changing color. Earrings will soon get a blackish yellow shade.
  • Makeup and styling products are another cause of earrings becoming black. The chemical compounds these products contain such as zinc oxide for example, can damage earrings, make them lose color or affect their resistance.

Finally, a simple rule to prevent earrings to change color is to wear them after we finished with the makeup, the use of perfume and hairspray. To avoid cooking with them, if we use strong heat sources, to avoid taking a shower or swimming in the sea wearing them, because all these cause earring to change color.

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