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Handmade Jewelry

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More and more people prefer purchasing handmade jewelry because if offers modest people the opportunity of owning a unique and original accessory without having to buy from reputed brand jewelry manufacturers which, though extremely beautiful, are also extremely expensive in most cases. When you buy handmade jewelry you are certain that the piece you hold is unique and special because someone, a person, worked long and careful hours to create something artistic and meaningful. The beauty is that there is no shortage of handmade jewelry, especially now since there are so many online shops that offer accessories from hundreds, thousands of individual jewelry designers who either can’t afford or don’t want to open their own shops.

Stunning Handmade Jewelry Stunning Handmade Jewelry Pictures

Gathering handmade jewelry from different artists on a single website or in a single store is advantageous to everyone: to the artists who don’t have to pay for their own display and publicity, to the customer who therefore pays less and to the store owner, who gets to satisfy everyone. Most websites that offer handmade jewelry are not limited to precious metals and stones, their offers include all sorts of other interesting materials as well, such as leather, wood, vermeil, bone with gemstones such as pearls, amethysts, onyx, quartz, carnelian, peridot or garnet.

Stunning Handmade Jewelry Stunning Handmade Jewelry Pictures

Handmade jewelry consists of every type of accessories, from pendants and necklaces to bracelets, bangles, earrings of all kinds – chandelier, drop earrings, studs –, engagement rings, fanciful rings, stacking rings, anklets, bridal jewelry, statement and bib necklaces and many more. You can find animal-themed handmade jewelry with endearing designs of butterflies, bugs, snakes, birds, monkeys, or other modern themes.

Jewelry that has been manufactured by hand is special because you feel there is a story behind it, because you know there is a talented person behind it. This is what makes handmade jewelry such a great choice for gifts for those we love. Some online stores also offer handmade clothing or bags, so even if you’re on a limited budget you can renew your wardrobe and jewelry box with little effort. In some cases, you can get in touch with the artist who manufactured jewelry and commission personalized accessories based on the artists’ style and themes. You can also purchase jewelry sets if you want to impress someone or if you need to wear something new at a special event or a party. Everyone can find some handmade jewelry that they like because these accessories are made by people just like you and me, so they reflect our immediate reality.

Etsy Jewelry

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Jewelry is something that most people love, women especially. It makes us feel better about ourselves, it makes us look better and it is a symbol of our evolution and culture, our ability to transform rough metals and stones into delicate and beautiful pieces that adorn our bodies. Our jewelry is a reflection of our selves, it represents us, it gives other people an idea of who we are, just like clothing or hairstyle do. One could even compare jewelry with flowers, or other things that haven’t much utility, but which we nevertheless use and create out of pure pleasure. Jewelry is not something we need, but rather something we want; we could live without it, but we would rather not, which is why we have gone and still go to great lengths to get hold of the materials needed for making it.

Unique Etsy Jewelry Unique Etsy Jewelry Pictures

One of the best avenues for finding unique jewelry at reasonable prices is Etsy jewelry, a website that offers tens of thousands of handcrafted pieces. The unique Etsy jewelry is original and it comes in such a great variety that anyone is sure to find something they like and that represents them. Stacking rings have been quite a trend these past few years, and they still are, which is why Etsy offers numerous collections from various manufacturers, from simple bands to more complex models with stones, twists, weaves, personalized letters, adjustable stacking rings and many other interesting and delicate designs.

Unique Etsy Jewelry Unique Etsy Jewelry Pictures

Etsy jewelry is a great find for everyone because it offers people the opportunity to purchase unique and original jewelry at prices anyone can afford. For example, their offer of bangles is so varied and interesting that we must mention all the fanciful pieces found here. This is a good place to shop for gifts as well, not only for yourself. Offer your grandmother a delicate bangle with “best nana ever” etched on it and she will definitely be impressed. Otherwise, you could purchase a skull bracelet, a twisted nail bracelet, a stiff feather bracelet or any other type of bracelet you prefer, because the designs are numerous and varied.

Unique Etsy Jewelry Unique Etsy Jewelry Pictures

Etsy jewelry also offers bib necklaces, statement necklaces, chandelier earrings, pendant necklaces, drop earrings, studs, cuff bracelets, rhinestone brooches, personalized rings, handmade engagement rings, chain bracelets and many more. Moreover, on Etsy you can also purchase items to help you store and organize your jewelry such as necklace holders, jewelry boxes and earring holders, all unique and beautiful pieces.

Clever Ideas for Exquisite Wedding Favors

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What is the first reason you would go to a wedding, and how would you say whether or not was it worth it? Are you thinking about the bride, how beautiful she was, or about the menu? Or are you heading somewhere different, to the music side? Whatever your answer, the aspect that will make anyone of us recall the beautiful moments is, without a doubt, the wedding favors. Eatable, drinkable, „fresh-smell-ed” or just appealing, these ones are ought to be the hidden secret you will make everyone go jealous! In case you wish to find more concerning the subject, keep an eye on the following lines – the truth is right in front of your eyes!

Clever Ideas for Exquisite Wedding Favors Clever Ideas for Exquisite Wedding Favors picture

Appealing to the eye
Among the vast categories, here we meet some of the ideas for wedding favors as being appealing to the human eye. One of those would be the candles, those beautiful ones with a fresh or more romantic smell. In addition, you can always go for a little note linked to the candle with a soft chain that will definitely change the appearance and aspect of the entire wedding! Not only are they easy to find, but you can do them at home with little efort and money.

Useful ones
Believe it or not, one of the most clever  ideas for wedding favors you could ever use could be the Luggage Tags (especially for the Destination Weddings). They are definitely extremely beautiful, appealing but also useful, fulfilling the owner with a sense of richness. In addition, since we are talking about a destination wedding, those exquisite wedding favors will definitely delight your guests!

Clever Ideas for Exquisite Wedding Favors Clever Ideas for Exquisite Wedding Favors picture

Appealing to the taste buds
To this point, we have tackled over the fact that the upper mentioned ideas for wedding favors are used to influence the guests on the imaginative part. Now, let’s focus on the taste – one of the most important senses there are, the taste buds are ought to be as well satisfied. In this case, make sure to keep an eye on the Raffaelo, Ferrero Rocher, Lindt and other chocolate companies that can easily help you understand the importance of these newly ideas for wedding favors in just a blink of a… taste bud!

Kay’s Jewelry

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Advertised and preferred by famous actress Jane Seymour from hit television series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Kay’s jewelry is among the most delicate and beautiful pieces found on the market. Their online store, available for purchase in the United States but in other corners of the world as well, offers a unique variety of rings, earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets and other types of jewelry as well. Kay’s jewelry for special occasions is your safest bet if you are in a hurry to purchase a gift for a loved one. The great advantage is that you can order a piece of jewelry and have it sent over to your home, to the home of the person you want to offer it to or directly to another city. Wrapped up nicely and accompanied by a personal message at your request, your purchase will reach its destination when you want it to; that way, you won’t have to miss any more special occasions that you can’t be present for. If you are a man, looking for special valentines gifts for her, you will find Kay’s jewelry pieces to be most convenient.

Kay’s Jewelry for Special Occasions Kay’s Jewelry for Special Occasions Pictures

You can even personalize Kay’s jewelry with the name of your loved one, your own name, or with a special message that you wish to convey. A perfect avenue for such an endeavor are the rings offered by Kay’s jewelry, like the lab-created Alexandrite couple’s Heart Rings made from white, yellow and rose gold, matched by the beautiful blue topaz, sapphire, emerald, citrine and aquamarine precious stones. Their delicate designs make them a perfect choice for a love declaration or for a more informal declaration of love and friendship. These jewelry pieces would make for the most special valentines gifts for her.

Kay’s Jewelry for Special Occasions Kay’s Jewelry for Special Occasions Pictures

However, if you are looking for engagement rings, Kay’s jewelry has everything you could wish for. Their sterling silver diamond rings have beautiful and delicate designs at very reasonable prices; moreover, you can even create your own personalized engagement ring by choosing among the large selection of settings and certified diamonds in Kay’s jewelry collection. You can also create an original set of jewelry made from earrings, necklace and pendant, ring and perhaps a bracelet or a brooch.

Kay’s Jewelry for Special Occasions Kay’s Jewelry for Special Occasions Pictures

Kay’s jewelry online store is not aimed just at women’s preferences, but it caters to men’s tastes as well, especially where wristwatches are concerned. Here you can find both men’s and women’s watches from reputed brands such as Citizen, Bulova, Movado, Victorinox Swiss Army and even some really beautiful models of men’s pocket watches. All in all, Kay’s jewelry store is a place that pleases everyone with highly qualitative accessories.

Bridesmaid Jewelry

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No wedding is complete without the accompaniment of a group of bridesmaids, beautifully dressed and arranged, who must help the bride on her special day and emphasize her beauty and delicacy through their own charming presence. For this to be possible, the bride and the bridesmaids themselves must deal with a series of preparations for their outfits meaning dresses, shoes, makeup, hairstyle and, last but not least, jewelry. The first thing you need to know before purchasing bridesmaid jewelry is that this is a step that must be done only after the bridesmaids’ outfits or dresses have been chosen and decided on. That way, you can match or compliment their dresses and complete their appearance with whatever suits them best; moreover, the bridesmaids’ jewelry don’t have to be the same, on the contrary, you can choose something different for each of them, something that represents them but that also follows a theme.

Beautiful Bridesmaid Jewelry Beautiful Bridesmaid Jewelry Pictures

You can find beautiful bridesmaid jewelry in practically any jewelry shop and any self-respecting bridal shop. There are also numerous online stores as well, most of which offer jewelry for brides, grooms, bridesmaids and groomsmen. One must take into account the fact that bridesmaid jewelry mustn’t be more beautiful or attractive than the bride’s jewelry. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find some really impressive items for your bridesmaids if you just do a bit of research and shop around.

Beautiful Bridesmaid Jewelry Beautiful Bridesmaid Jewelry Pictures

If the bridesmaids’ dresses are longer, or with complicated patterns and textures, opt for delicate jewelry or just purchase a necklace for each of them. Ribbon and cluster bib necklaces are very popular nowadays and they go really well with sleeveless dresses. If the bridesmaids’ outfits are short, simple dresses, you can opt for statement necklaces in powerful colors, cluster collar necklaces or Y-shaped necklaces.

Beautiful Bridesmaid Jewelry Beautiful Bridesmaid Jewelry Pictures

Necklaces are very beautiful accessories, but not everyone likes them, so another way of purchasing bridesmaid jewelry is to opt for bangles or bracelets and earrings, whether they’re studs, drop earrings or chandelier earrings. Pave bangles are very trendy as well, and they can be coupled with pave diamond rings or rhinestone brooches. However, if you prefer your bridesmaids to be simpler and more natural, you can choose to offer each of them a bouquet of fresh flowers to hold and, instead of jewelry, delicate and ornate hairpins as a finishing touch. No matter what you choose, the important thing is that your bridesmaids are happy and glad to support you on the special day.

Gordon’s Jewelry

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If you’re in a hurry to find a special and meaningful gift for someone you love but you’re not sure what your best options are, you need to browse through Gordon’s jewelry collections from reputed jewelers that only offer the best items. Gordon’s jewelry store can be found online, where you will be faced with numerous offers and amazing pieces of jewelry for women, but you can also find unique and beautiful gifts for mother on the Internet.

Gordon’s Jewelry at Great Prices Gordon’s Jewelry at Great Prices Pictures

Gordon’s jewelry is known for its quality and for the variety of models and designs from skilled and artistic jewelers, catering to all tastes, for all types of people of all ages. Here you can find rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, and even collections for special occasions such as weddings or formal parties. For example, their wedding collection offers not just engagement and wedding rings, but wedding gifts, celebration or anniversary diamond rings and necklaces. Moreover, if you are looking for something really special, you can choose from Gordon’s jewelry Prestige Collection which offers unique and stunning diamond pieces like earrings, bracelets and pendants. Without a doubt each and every piece of jewelry would make a wonderful gift for an anniversary or for Mother’s Day, although if you want Mother’s Day gifts more on a budget, you can find them on www.unique-mothers-day-gifts.com.

Gordon’s Jewelry at Great Prices Gordon’s Jewelry at Great Prices Pictures

All Gordon’s jewelry have certified diamonds and are crafted with utmost care for design in order to provide qualitative and delicate accessories. However, there are other jewelry collections as well, such as the Sirena collection, the Fufoo Jewelry for Girls, Blue Lagoon, Shaquille O’Neal collection, Honora, and many, many others. Browse through Gordon’s jewelry collection of Stackable Expressions, which offers a large variety of day-to-day jewelry of stackable rings in colorful and joyful designs and models.

Gordon’s Jewelry at Great Prices Gordon’s Jewelry at Great Prices Pictures

The collection of Whimsical Expressions is also very interesting, as it offers a variety of rings and pendants with original and amusing designs and shapes. Devout persons can also shop at Gordon’s jewelry, from their collection of religious jewelry. What is certain though, is that Gordon’s jewelry store can be a shopping destination for any type of person, with large and limited budgets and one can purchase accessories for personal use, to offer as gifts, or for special occasions such as weddings, quinceaneras, proms, and other events as well.

Men’s jewelry can also be found at Gordon’s, especially if you’re looking for particularly manly accessories such as watches, pendants and rings. Some of the pieces in this collection are adorned with black diamonds, with designs that imitate rope, black embossing, and generally very modern and powerful designs that men will love, though they may not openly admit it.

Jared Jewelry

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Searching for stylish women’s jewelry for the right occasion or the right person can be quite a hassle if you don’t have much experience with that sort of thing or you’re just not good at picking jewelry. However, there are also those places where you go and, with all your expertise and experience, you find it difficult or downright impossible to choose something, simply because everything is spectacular. Such could be the case with Jared jewelry, which comes in such a great variety that everyone is sure to find something to their liking in this store.

Personalized Jared Jewelry Personalized Jared Jewelry Pictures

Although it hasn’t got a long history, Jared has managed to become a popular provider of jewelry thanks to its size and its ability to bring numerous collections together. One of their greatest prides is that their store offers five times the amount and variety of jewelry than other jewelry shops. Moreover, Jared jewelry can now be found online, with the same range of assortments. On their online store, Jared jewelry offer precious rings, wedding and engagement rings, diamond and pendant necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, designer brand jewelry and even personalized jewelry. Their jewelry designs are quite original and unique, and they are definitely for those who seek the unusual and ask for character out of their jewelry. The best thing about them is diversity of providers, and this means a diversity of jewelry designs; this means that no matter who and how you are, you should be able to find at least one piece that you like and that would suit your style.

Personalized Jared Jewelry Personalized Jared Jewelry Pictures

Jared jewelry aims to cater to all types of customers, so, besides their unique and delicate diamond jewelry you can also find stylish women’s jewelry at reasonable prices. If you want to shop around for an engagement ring, you may want to start with the Jared jewelry collection of impressive diamond rings; if your bride-to-be is really special you could invest in a Chocolate Diamonds Ring, a truly stunning piece of jewelry that would impress even the coldest heart. However, if you are not yet ready for that type of commitment, you can opt for a Diamond Couple’s Ring in white, yellow or rose gold, with lab-created Alexandrite diamonds imitating topaz, sapphire or emerald and which can be personalized with yours and her name.

Personalized Jared Jewelry Personalized Jared Jewelry Pictures

Speaking of personalized Jared jewelry, their collection features a large variety of Birthstone rings from yellow, rose and white gold, in numerous designs, all of which can be personalized at your request. You can etch a message, a loved one’s name or anything else you may like and which fits. Moreover, you can create your own unique ring by choosing among the selection of hundreds of settings and designs and over five thousand certified diamonds. That way, you can have or offer a truly unique piece of jewelry that represents how you feel and expresses your appreciation of beauty and delicacy.

About Claddagh Rings

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Although Irish Claddagh rings are traditionally associated with love and the couple, they began to be used more often as symbols of friendship.

About Claddagh Rings About Claddagh Rings Picture

  • Features: The Claddagh ring features two hands holding up a crowned heart, an image that has occasioned many interpretations over time.
  • History: The Claddagh ring is originated 300 years ago in the Irish fishing village of Claddagh. According to the legend, Robert Joyce, a young local fisherman, was sold into slavery after his boat was captured by pirates.  While he was working for his master, a rich goldsmith, Robert could not forget his beloved one from the village of Claddagh, so he built for her a special ring, which symbolizes his love for her. When he was released from slavery, Robert returned home to Claddagh, gave his beloved one the ring and took her in marriage. Today you can find Claddagh ring in all cheap wholesale jewelry.
  • Significance: The way in which the Claddagh ring is worn expresses a person’s marital status. Someone married or engaged wears the ring on his left hand with the crown directed out the heart. The ring located on the right hand, with the crown directed out the heart, suggests that the wearer wants to start a love relationship. When worn on the right hand with the crown toward the heart, the ring transmits that the wearer is not interested in initiating a relationship of love.
  • Function: The Claddagh Ring is also one of the most popular Irish wedding jewelry.  Traditionally, it is given by the mother to his daughter in the wedding day of the latter.


What Are Signet Rings?

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Also known as signature rings, signet rigs are worn by both men and women and they are usually engraved with symbols, the wearer’s initials or other ornamental designs of the wearer’s choice. Antique signet rings were used as official seals or engraved with a person’s coat of arms.

Signet Rings Signet Rings Picture

  • History: In ancient Rome, the signet ring was representing the individual who wore it, denoting his or her identity or the social or noble status. Gaining popularity during the Augustan period, this ring was the wearer’s signature.  As an example, Pompey’s ring was engraved with a lion bearing a sword and Augustus’s ring had the head of Alexander the Great and then his own image.
  • Modern days: With the time many and new decorative motifs were introduced with rings, while the most common types of signet rings worn at preset day are made from white or yellow gold and engraved with personal initials, becoming ornamental rings. Because today these signet rings are not used as official signatures or seals as they were in antiquity, the engravings aren’t anymore done in mirror style.  You can find it in cheap wholesale jewelry.
  • How to get one: Today signet rings are back in fashion. Many companies are passionate about making personalized signet rings according to your specifications. You can order a signet ring online or through catalogs, but you have to wait about two weeks until the design is done.


How to Clean Tongue Piercing Jewelry

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The tongue is a very sensitive organ and piercing it can cause lots of pain. Despite this, many people accept this method to express their belief or for fashion reasons. However, it is a technique that requires care to prevent bacterial infections. The tongue heals faster than other parts of the body, but there are some things you should consider if you decide to pierce your tongue. Read on to know how to clean tongue piercing jewelry.

How to Clean Tongue Piercing Jewelry How to Clean Tongue Piercing Jewelry Picture

  • Clean the tongue only with water. Do not use chemical products for oral hygiene, such as mouthwash.
  • Stop the swelling. The tongue will swell for several days after the piercing. This is very normal. As soon as you feel your tongue starts to swell, use some ice to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Oral hygiene is necessary. It is crucial to maintain a good dental hygiene always. Make sure you brush your teeth at least three times a day, without using mouthwash. Dirty mouth and teeth can lead to a lot of infections and diseases of the mouth.
  • Fix the pierced jewelry constantly. Once the swelling is off, fix the jewelry bulb behind the tongue. This will prevent widening the hole, so make sure it is always tight.
  • After two weeks you should go to the piercer to see if everything is good.

It is necessary to clean the tongue piercing jewelry; failure to follow these steps may lead to mouth diseases, broken teeth and other risks that can endanger your health and your general well-being.

How to Care for Ear Piercings

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The most worn piercings are those made ​​in the earlobe. Ear piercings are known for centuries in Western culture.  Before deciding to get an ear piercing you should know how to care for ear piercings.

How to Care for Ear Piercings How to Care for Ear Piercings Picture

  • The piercing guns for inserting earrings should only be used for ear lobe and not other parts of the body and should be sterilized.
  • It is best to choose a round earring for the first ear piercing. This facilitates cleaning and does not cause too many problems in case the ear lobe becomes inflamed. Once the ear lobe has been completely healed, the jewelry can be changed with another, but always wear jewelry of high quality and appropriate size.
  • Use an antibacterial soap solution or hydrogen peroxide to clean the ear piercing and always wash your hands before starting cleaning. Never touch an unhealed piercing with unwashed hands.
  • Soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and carefully clean the jewelry and the surrounding area and remove any crusty build up.
  • With clean hands, use a small amount of antibacterial soap and soap carefully the jewelry and the surrounding area. Rinse well, apply hydrogen peroxide with a cotton ball on the piercing, then carefully move the jewelry back and forth.
  • To dry the area, use a clean tissue cosmetic. Avoid using cosmetics or hair care products in the area of a recent piercing.

The critical care period is during the first month after the piercing is done. The main goal of the caring is to remove any secretion that may gather around the newly placed jewel and through which harmful bacteria can easily penetrate into the wound, infecting it. This is why it is important to know how to care for ear piercings.

DIY Jewelry Cleaning

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Jewelry cleaned regularly can maintain their brilliance if you clean them properly.  Gold, silver or precious stones can always look new if you pay them little attention. It is not about a difficult procedure or that requires long time, but an easy cleaning with products that you have in your home.

DIY Jewelry Cleaning DIY Jewelry Cleaning Picture

  • How to clean gold: Gold does not tarnish, but it can change the texture a little because gathers dust, sweat or other substances. Therefore, gold can be cleaned quite easily, without too much effort. All you have to do is mix a few drops of liquid dish washing detergent with a little hot water and let the gold jewelry in the resulting solution for 20 minutes. Then remove the jewelry, rinse it and wipe it with a soft cloth (or suede), and then let it dry on a napkin. Another solution of this kind is obtained from a cup of hot water in which to put a teaspoon of baking soda. Let the jewelry piece in the resulting mixture for 20 minutes, rinse it and let it dry. A faster way to clean gold is wiping with a soft cloth soaked in alcohol. This cleans metal and removes all residues.
  • How to clean silver: Silver jewelry is easier to clean, so it can be introduced in a solution of hot water, dish soap and baking soda for 25 minutes. Then rinse it and brush it with toothpaste. Another method is the following: mix two tablespoons of baking soda, two of salt, two of detergent and half a liter of water, in a pot whose walls are covered in aluminum foil. Set the fire, put the pot and then add the jewelry piece. Let the solution to boil for one minute, then take out the jewelry and rinse it well with cold water to remove traces of salt or detergent. Finally, wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth.
  • How to clean pearls: Pearls can be cleaned simply with a cloth moistened in water to remove traces of sweat, dust and makeup.
  • How to clean precious stones: For them there is no standard method of cleaning, because they are too sensitive. If however you want to remove traces of dust or other residue, put them under cold running water and then wipe them with a soft cloth.


How to Keep Necklaces and Chains from Rusting

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In time, necklaces and chains lose their shine and start to rust. This means that the metal oxidizes and this occurs when we keep jewels in wet places or there are other factors that lead to rusting jewelry. Here are some tips to take care of chains and necklaces not to rust.

How to Keep Necklaces and Chains from Rusting How to Keep Necklaces and Chains from Rusting Picture

  • Keep the necklaces and chains in a sealed box – cardboard jewelry box or wood lined with a material: velvet or satin -, to enter less in contact with air. Avoid using wooden jewelry boxes, because sometimes the wood is acid and will cause the chains and necklaces to rust.
  • When you do not wear the necklaces and chains it is preferable to keep them individually in bags away from sources of light.
  • Keep your chain and necklace away from wet places, such as the kitchen or the mirror shelf in the bathroom.
  • It is important to clean the jewelry with a soft cloth – a 100% cotton towel or other cotton cloth – after a few wearing.
  • Be careful not to touch the jewelry with chlorine-based products. Remove the chains and necklaces when washing with such products, because it attacks the metal. If you go to the pool, where water is treated with chlorine, take off your jewelry.
  • Do not spray perfume directly on jewelry, when putting on chains and necklaces, because the essential oils and perfume alcohol reacts with the metal and it can rust.
  • Chains and necklaces in contact with perfume, perspiration and so on, after a time they can change color, especially the gold ones.

These are the basic things that you can do to keep necklaces and chains from rusting and of course to keep your jewelry clean longer.

How to Care for Your Belly Button Piercing

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The belly button piercings are the most popular ones. When you pierce your belly button for the first time, it takes some attention and care. Follow the advice that your piercer will give you. The piercing will hurt for a few days, so watch out of exercise or effort to let it heal. You will have to clean it all the time to avoid infections. Learn how you care for your belly button piercing.

How to Care for Your Belly Button Piercing How to Care for Your Belly Button Piercing Picture

  • Always wash your hands before starting cleaning. Do not use water on the area for at least two weeks.
  • Wash your piercing with antibacterial soap at least twice a day.
  • Bathe the piercing in sea salt water three-five times a day.
  • The area will be red, will hurt and will be swollen up to 8 weeks. The complete healing may take 9 months or a year. After it is completely healed, you can change the jewelry.
  • If the area becomes soft, or the liquid thickens and becomes yellow, green or smelly, then it is possible to have an infection. You will need to contact your piercer or to go to a doctor. Do not remove the jewelry because it can cause the infection to spread under the skin.

Learning how to care for your belly button piercing you will ensure that it will look good for the rest of your life.

What Causes Earrings to Change Color?

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Earrings of gold and silver blacken equally; our own body chemistry and how we keep them cause a slow oxidation or a faster one. Jewelry should be protected, no matter if they are made up of gold, silver, copper, fashion or precious stones. Let’s find out what causes earrings to change color.

Causes Earrings to Change Color Causes Earrings to Change Color Picture

  • Earrings react to various stimuli, personal stimuli and environmental ones – moisture, deodorants, creams, detergents, salt water, excessive heat, and so on. Earrings made up of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum change color in contact with various substances used in the household, such as detergents, chlorine or bleach.
  • Chemical compounds, chlorine and mechanical actions can damage earrings when you wear them in the shower or when you do various household chores. Also, you can see
  •  a strong blackening of earrings made up of silver or gold, and a loss of brightness of the precious stones if you wear them in the pool or sea, because the chlorine in the water and salts destroy the metal as well as the natural or artificial stones.
  • The exposure of silver earrings to tobacco smoke, dust, neon light or strong light bulbs is another cause of earring changing color. Earrings will soon get a blackish yellow shade.
  • Makeup and styling products are another cause of earrings becoming black. The chemical compounds these products contain such as zinc oxide for example, can damage earrings, make them lose color or affect their resistance.

Finally, a simple rule to prevent earrings to change color is to wear them after we finished with the makeup, the use of perfume and hairspray. To avoid cooking with them, if we use strong heat sources, to avoid taking a shower or swimming in the sea wearing them, because all these cause earring to change color.

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